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8105 Haymarket Lane, Raleigh NC 27615

Phone Number:

984-232-8500 (during swimming season)


Club & Swim Team Email: nrscgators@gmail.com

NRSC is Run By An Elected Volunteer Board Composed of Members in Good Standing.

Current Board (Term: August 2020-August 2022)

President : Sarah Macey

Vice President: Melissa Taylor-Sivulka  

Treasurer: Carl Schmidt

Secretary:  Executive Board

Member@Large: Bryan Currin, Han Ng, and Sarah Keller

Operations: Executive Board

Membership: Executive Board

Social: Melissa Taylor-Sivulka, Sarah Macey, Katherine Sivulka

Swim Team/TSA: Tammy Schmidt  (TSA Rep: Shannon Piercy)

Volleyball:              Adam Wygant

Sponsorships:       Melissa Taylor-Sivulka

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